We The People

Two billion pairs of jeans are made every year and 85% of them will end up in landfill. Quite frankly, that’s f**ked. We swap denims for credit, then rework them into inter-generational wardrobe staples.

Like all good rants, we’re getting things started with some cold, hard facts. But not to worry - there’s light at the end of this fast fashion tunnel.

From the toxic production of fabric and inhumane labour chains, to the transport, packaging and don’t get us started on the disposal, fashion accounts for 10% of our carbon emissions, is the largest drain on the world’s limited water supply, the second biggest polluter and makes up around 5% of our landfill - in counting.

And who should be at the centre of this unsustainable system, but little old you. With each purchase you have the power to dictate how our clothes are made across the globe and support fashion brands that are dead set on protecting our most vulnerable.

Enter, The People; a rebel label shaking up the way you shop, taking your landfill-bound textiles and upcycling them into wardrobe staples you’ll be handing down for generations. More than just reworked fabric, we’re a brand built on courageous humans, collective strength and a decent dose of grit.

We do what we say and we say what we mean. We know that together we can change our clothes and mend our future. That as a community, we can intersect dangerous supply chains and rebuild our industry with respect at the core.

We are a family of conscious creators sharing materials, good vibes and innovative ideas. We are The People. Care to join us?