THE PEOPLE operate in a unique way that benefits the business as well as the community.

By donating your unwanted denim, we give you store credit to go towards your next purchase.  Not only are you rewarded for recycling, you also become an integral part of change. 

Our promise to you:

  • Your clothing is diverted from landfill increasing it's life cycle (no waste, no carbon emissions, no pollution).
  • The life-cycle of your garments are extended by deconstructing and reusing the fabric. 
  • Through sustainable practice, eco-awareness and community focus we ensure the protection and support of people and planet. 
  • Our quality garments are made to last and to a high industry standard. 


THE PEOPLE work closely with local thrift stores collecting denim items they cannot sell.  These garments mostly have small faults, which is something we're able to work around.  If we don't collect, they go to landfill and that's a sad guarantee.